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Q: How to get started with ITWorkTimer? (back to top)

A: You have to visit, fill and submit the form, and our staff will setup Bugzilla, webmail and ITWorkTimer admin user account for your company. From the ITWorkTimer Control Panel you will be able to create new user accounts for your employees, organize them into groups with various preferences and permissions. Each employee will automatically receive an email, which will be like: username@***** Your employees will have to download ITWorkTimer client program, which will track and monitor their work time when running.

Q: Why is it free? (back to top)

A: Currently our service is in beta stage, and everyone is welcome to evaluate it for free.

Q: What are the system requirements? (back to top)

A: For ITWorkTimer client program, Windows XP is required with .NET 2.0 Framework installed. The "Downloads" section of ITWorkTimer Control Panel has all necessary links for both client program and .NET 2.0 Framework downloads. And, of course, all PCs in your company must have access to Internet to be able to use ITWorkTimer service.

Q: What is Bugzilla and why would I need it? (back to top)

A: Bugzilla ( is a project management system and bug tracking system as well. Without such a system it would be quite difficult to organize effective collaboration of several team members. With Bugzilla system, employees can create tasks for each other, exchange work information, track progress of tasks completion. Thus, the projects workflow become well documented, and you don't even have to personally contact the employee to assign him to a new task or to check with him how the progress is going. You can take a look at how things are going via Internet, no matter if you are in office or remotely from home or business trip.

Q: Isn't this software violating the privacy of employees? (back to top)

A: We believe that it is not, since employee can stop the time tracking anytime by either closing the ITWorkTimer client program or pausing it (this time will not be tracked as work time and you won't see it in reports). In the work time the boss has a right to control and monitor the activity of employees. If you think that such a form of automatic tracking and control will be taken too negatively by your employees, and you wouldn't like to push it, you can reduce control level by turning off either big screenshots, or all screenshots at all. In our company (ITPremium), for example, ITWorkTimer is successfully used in full mode. Please consult with your lawyer to see if making screenshots is legal in your country. We would greatly appreciate if you'd share this information with us, so that we could see which countries have legal problems with that.

Q: Can I calculate employee salary automatically? (back to top)

A: Yes! There is a special section to calculate salary for employees. It is calculated for each employee depending on how much work hours were registered. You can set the type of salary which is most preferred for your company and specific employee: per hour, per month and fixed (which does not depend on work hours). The salary can be specified in any currencies (USD, EUR and etc)

Q: Can this or that feature be added? Can ITWorkTimer be integrated with some other system or software that we use already? (back to top)

A: We are keen to extend the functionality of ITWorkTimer. Please contact us to discuss custom changes for your company.

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